A bridge you can trust,
a team you can count on.

We reinstate integrity and quality into bridges nationwide because we care about safety and a job done right.

Our mission is to leave bridges better than we found them.

Experience makes the difference. Versatility makes us adaptable.

Dedicated Experts

Our team is fixated on completing the job innovatively and by working as a single unit. We live to see a job through to completion and getting there as a cooperative team.

Project Execution

Until we have reached what we set out to achieve, you can bet that our primary focus is working as a team to tend to the smaller details for the greater goal.

Structural Repair

Roads and bridges carry precious cargo — we are committed to the integrity of our infrastructures and ensure they are built to last and safe from the ground up.


The success of our projects begins long before a bridge sits before your eyes. Our highly experienced and motivated team of estimators have studied and analysed trends for years to accumulate their breadth of knowledge and expertise. We estimate with a concrete goal in mind – to deliver high quality industry standard results, on time, on budget and as planned or better.

Bridge Jacking

We meet all of your rehabilitation requirements, no matter the complexity of the job. Done the best way the first time.

Design & Concrete
Safety & Security

We know the importance of getting things done the best way and the right way. Our team is dedicated to high quality output through every stage from design to production.

Strong Foundations
Repair & Rehabilitation

Extending the lives and durability of previously built bridges. Preserve and protect your bridge’s integrity with Landform Civil’s dedicated team specialized in repairing and reinstating bridge reliability and structural integrity.

Research & Development

Our team is dedicated to providing the best resources, supplies, minds and procedures to ensure a job well done and on budget. Our estimation team is committed to providing the best price and a plan that will meet your job specifications on time. Creativity goes a long way. Innovation is what takes us leap forwards in our development.

Engineering & Project Management

Leading edge design to Landform Civil means meeting project specifications, timeline and budget and a team that works in unison to achieve the goal and deliver exceptional quality. Engineers double and triple check specifications and everyone is held accountable from top-down.

Bridge Construction

Beyond structural repair, LCI also offers complete bridge renewal and construction — taking the lead on every aspect of the construction process, including demolition, redesign and rebuild of the new bridge from the ground up.

Specialty Capabilities
  • Bridge Jacking
  • Bearing Replacement
  • Stressing Applications
  • Custom Fabrications
  • Steel girder
  • Girder post-tension
  • Girder erection
  • Stiffener installation
  • Anchor block fabrication
  • Expansion finger joint modification
  • Expansion joint support
  • Welding