Alliances make our procedures, capabilities, and resources better. We are better for our partnerships and our projects benefit from our alliances. We continually seek to improve, build upon and develop our relationships.

A CWB certified steel fabricator located in the Hamilton region serving the heavy civil construction industry, nationwide. Their trusted steelwork team places an emphasis on adhering to specifications, continually improving time-tested methods and places safety at the forefront of their industrial practices.

An urban residential development company who provides innovative rural construction solutions across Southern Ontario. LDG works as both developer and constructor — transforming existing land into modern mixed-use developments. LDG prioritizes preserving existing green space and intensifying existing neighbourhoods and communities in order to make better use of existing infrastructures while respecting natural landscape, agriculture and parks.

Landform Canada Construction

A construction management organization and general contractor. LCC is involved during the design process to provide constructability input. During the design phase, they offer input regarding scheduling, pricing, phasing and other factors that help their clients design a more constructible project. Their goal is to unite the project team and create a streamlined and transparent process, providing innovative and cost effective solutions.

LCI is committed to the health and safety of our workers, the environment and the communities in which we operate.

With a perspective based on more than two decades in heavy civil construction, Derek’s hands on management style is both refreshing, and respected.