Leadership makes all the difference.

Humble beginnings as a strong foundation for building bridges, Canada-wide.

Our president is a leader by example on the principle that hard work is the necessary ingredient to success, and experience the necessary attributer to skill.

Built on hard work, determination and a commitment to the positive momentum of successful projects and relationships – Derek Martin holds a noteworthy portfolio of jobs in the heavy civil industry across 20+ years and most Canadian provinces.

With a perspective based on more than two decades in heavy civil construction, Derek’s hands on management style is both refreshing, and respected.

Raised in a small rural community in Eastern Canada, Mr. Martin was taught at an early age that hard work, determination, and willingness to not only set but attain goals were key to success.

His rise to the top started at the bottom; working as a labourer he took it upon himself to embrace, and master the inner workings of the construction industry. This drive and passion for success was noticed and his career was fast tracked. Mr. Martin was elevated to the position of President and CEO of a national construction company which specialized in heavy civil construction and structure rehabilitation.

Under his stewardship, the company’s annual revenues grew from 50 million to over 200 million, in under 5 years. Derek accomplished this with strategic growth in selected markets across Canada.

In 2011, Derek Founded Innovative Civil Constructors Inc and quickly grew the start-up to 115M in 2014 when a billion dollar multi-national company from France, Eiffage, purchased ICCI as an entrance to the Canadian Civil industry. In 2017 Eiffage exercised their option for the final 30% of ownership of ICCI.

During 2017 and 2018, Derek was back in a familiar position and started a new heavy civil company, Landform Civil Infrastructures Inc. and a steel fabrication company, Advanced Steel Fabrication Inc.. Drawing from his extensive experience a select group was picked to continue Derek’s success in the industry.

Derek’s construction expertise doesn’t start and end with Civil as he added a new dimension to his portfolio through residential urban development. His passion for building lead to his involvement with residential mid-rise condominium projects and has successfully launched Treviso, Stoney Creek Ontario, Spring 2015, and Saxony Condos, Fall 2019 with more projects in the pipeline.

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We supply the construction industry, oil and gas, farming and ranching, refineries, state and local governments, manufacturers that wants quality products at a reasonable price.