HP Engineering, Inc.

Project Overview

Brookdale is a border bridge connecting the city of Cornwall to our neighboring country. During the rehabilitation of Brookdale bridge, a complex temporary support system was installed in order to support the live load on the bridge while rehabilitating the piers. LCI installed new expansion joints, waterproofing and paving of the deck and built new sidewalks and roadway light fixtures. We improved the safety and quality of the bridge along with extending its lifespan, offering the city of Cornwall a monumental piece of their communities.

Location Cornwall, ON
Value $5.1M
Client HP Engineering, Inc.

Key Skills Applied

Substructural Repair, Including Installation of Temporary Supports

Rehabilitation of the Deck Including Concrete Topping, New Expansion Joints, Waterproofing & Pavement

Removal / Replacement of Parapet Walls, Sidewalks & Roadway Light Fixtures